The First Time I Slept At Someone's House

Photo of Rachel Mellon

Rachel Mellon
*Names of other children in story have been changed.

          "Bye, Mom!" I called out as my Mom backed down the driveway. "See you tomorrow!"

          Impatiently, I rang the doorbell again. It was Jeena Dare's ninth birthday party and I was nervous. This would be the first time I slept over at a friend's house. An excited tingle ran up my spine as the door opened. Jeena's curly head popped through the door.

          "Hi!" she said. I could tell she was as nervous and excited as I was. "Come on in!"

          I went inside her house and she led me up to her room.

          "Just drop your stuff right here," she said, pointing to an empty spot on the floor. Just then the doorbell rang. "I'll be back in a minute, okay?" said Jeena. Before I could say anything, she tore out the door and thundered down the stairs. She returned quickly with Linda, Sharon and Ruth.

          We all exchanged "hello's" then looked at each other awkwardly. What were we supposed to do now? Finally, Sharon broke the silence. She's good at that sort of thing.

          "Jeena, do you like Mrs. Billums?" Asked Sharon. "She is so mean!"

          "I know!" exclaimed Jeena, giggling.

          I was bored. Was this what a sleepover was like? If it was, I wouldn't want to go to another one. Mindlessly, I started picking the lint on Jeena's bedspread.

          Finally, when I thought I'd just about had enough, Mrs. Dare came up to tell us it was time for pizza. I sighed with relief. Maybe it would be more interesting downstairs.

          We all went downstairs into the kitchen. Mmmmm... pepperoni. We sat down and gobbled up the pizza. Within minutes, it was gone.

          When we were through eating, Jeena said "Guys, let's go put our pajamas on and bring our sleeping bags into the den, okay? We trooped back up to Jeena's room and changed our clothes. Then we picked up our sleeping bags and went into the den. We laid on them and talked for awhile. Then her Mom came in and asked us if we wanted to play a game.

          So we all settled down for a game of Monopoly. We played for quite awhile, but we had gotten tired of it before the game ended. So we settled down to watch a movie. I soon felt myself getting drowsy. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew, it was 5:00 in the morning and everyone was still awake watching "One-eyed, One-Horned Flying Purple People Eaters." I couldn't fall back to asleep, so I stayed awake with everyone else. When I got home the next day, I was so tired, I could barely stand up.

          That was the first time I ever slept at someone's house. I've slept at people's house many times since then, but I will always remember that night at Jeena Dare's house.