Best Friend

I am sorry I never said bye.

Now it's too late 'cause you're somewhere outside.

I never imagined not having you here.

Just to see your beautiful, gentle stare.

Knowing and knowing that you're not here

fills my eyes and brings the tears.

With our ideas, we were so clever.

I thought we'd be best friends forever and ever.

I miss the love and things we shared.

Your sweet voice when you cheered.

I know that friends come and go.

But this all seems like one sad mystery show.

Late at night when I'm in bed,

Memories of you fill my head.

I'm dreaming of you all through the night.

Hoping in the morning everything will be right.

I want to know that you're safe.

Or at least an angel far into space.

Not knowing who you're with,

Gives me a cold chilling drift.

Friends are supposed to be by your side.

Not having to run and not having to hide.

I am here, if you need me.

Any time at all, just please come back to see me.

Minutes to hours to days to nights.

I hope you're putting up a strong healthy fight.

How can I express how much I've missed you

Since you've been gone?

My love for you is very strong.

If all the sadness and grief would end, then

I could see you.

My best friend.