Silohuette of Rachel and Friends

By Rachel's Best Friend

          My best friend Rachel Marie Mellon who I've only known for about one year, is very tiny but has a huge amount of uniqueness in her. Many people I know may not like that quality in a friend, but it's my favorite part about Rachel.

          I can remember one time in sixth grade when Rachel and I had a great but unusual time together.

          "Carrie, do you want to go to Great America with me?" asked my friend Rachel with her hazel eyes wide open. At this time we were both twelve years old.

          "Sure. When are you going?" I whispered to her so I wouldn't get in trouble for talking during class.

          "About a week and a half from now, June 5th." She said that line very fast. "I'll tell you more about the details later."

          It came time for Lunch and I asked Rachel to tell me more about going to Great America. Rachel was acting very strange. She was saying everything really fast as if she had eaten a ton of sugar. She was like a racehorse as her words came out. She was being so crazy. I didn't mind though. She finally relaxed enough for me to understand what she was talking about. Most people would have been annoyed with the way Rachel was acting, but not me.

          The next day I came to school and told Rachel it was okay for me to go to Great America with her. The next week and a half felt like forever!

          Finally the day for Great America was! Rachel's family and I piled into the black jeep that her family owned. Rachel and I had to sit in the trunk part of the Jeep. We were squished! The ride to Great America was interesting. Rachel being her weird self was dancing and making hand motions to the songs that came on the radio. I can't really make fun of her for doing it though because I was doing it too.

          When we got to the best theme park around, we immediately went straight for the rides.

          After we rode some exciting rides, Rachel said "Let's take a break from the rides and go into a couple of gift shops."

          I agreed with Rachel and walked into a nearby gift shop. We looked at some items in the store and we would make jokes about what they were or what they did. After a few minutes we decided that we would either buy something or leave the store before we got kicked out for acting so weird. That was when Rachel spotted these goofy looking hats. They looked stupid. But being us, we bought them. The hats had five points and were multicolored. At the end of the points there were little bells that would ring every time you moved. The hats kind of resembled joker hats.

          As soon as we walked out of the gift shop, we put the hats on. We looked at each other and burst out laughing at each other.

          We walked around the rest of the day at Great America with the hats on. Rachel would swing her head back and forth making the bells on her hat ring as we walked. Her black hair would swing. People would stare at us as they walked by, but it didn't bother us. I would just stare back at them with my brown eyes.

          So even though Rachel is small and acts different and unusual, she is the very best friend I could have. She will always put her joking aside if I ever need any help from her. That's what makes a best friend.

Rachel wearing "Bugs Bunny" hat.

Rachel Wearing "Bugs Bunny" Hat

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